Coaching Info

Sex & Relationship Coaching

I have a Masters degree in Counseling and years of experience working with people in the kink and vanilla communities and over the years have guided many individuals and couples traveling their sexual and relationship journeys.

Coaching is NOT psychotherapy.  It’s its own relational service and is not currently regulated by any governmental agency; anyone can become a coach without certification or education so clients need to be informed and protected.  However, when done with an experienced and educated coach the benefits are great.

Topics for coaching may include:

  • opening up a relationship
  • navigating a cuckold dynamic
  • improving communication with partner(s)
  • increased sexual enjoyment
  • exploring and understanding BDSM and kink
  • sensate focus and awareness
  • sexual education
  • cultural awareness and sensitivity
  • new dating life
  • marriage repair
  • navigating divorce gently and kindly


Email for pricing.  Coaching available for 30 mins paid consultation, 60 min in-depth session, or 4 x 60 mins sessions with additional email and phone support between sessions to help you reach your goal.

Clients are responsible for paying 100% of the fee at the start of service.

Coaching can be done remotely via telephone, email, or video from anywhere in the world.

Use the email form below to inquire about appointment availability and please indicate that you are interested in COACHING.