Sex-Positive Discussion Group

For professionals, therapists, mental health students, and students of sex & sexuality

I’m currently seeking professionals and students to participate in a sex-positive, kink-aware group to meet monthly.  We will discuss the unique aspects of being a sex-positive practitioner in whatever field you may be.  This group is not open to the general public.

We’ll tackle issues such as how do you maintain boundaries between personal and professional identities?  What do you do if you run into a client during a kinky event?  What are the ethical guidelines and our responsibilities?  How do you handle inappropriate phone calls?

We’ll also discuss any pressing issues you may have and current literature that’s hot on our minds.

How can we, as a community of professionals, support one another, grow, and help others?

It’s important to have support so we may better recognize our own differences and diversities; suss out any bias that may block connection and understanding; work through concerns and confusions.

Working from a sex-positive lens affords us a different perspective and one in which we can provide a judgement- and pathology-free zone, but we also need to create a similar space for ourselves!

Fill out the email form below if you’re interested in the group and I will contact you with location details.

Meetings are on a Wednesday evening of the month in west Central Austin.