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🦠 COVID-19 Info🦠: I’m currently doing in-office sessions part-time for vaccinated clients and virtual sessions are an option to all at any time.  Please click HERE for more info.

Jessica Warner MA, LPC

I am passionate about providing a positive environment in which my clients may explore their sexuality, themselves, and everything in between. I’m not judgmental and am always curious to know more. I am sometimes ribald, sometimes keen, and strive to always be intuitive and transparent.  I love what I do.

I am a sex-positive therapist, which means I approach sex and sexuality through the lens of consent and agency.  There is no right or wrong way to be sexual or have sex so long as it occurs between consenting, informed adults.

kaplogoI’m a Kink Knowledgeable Professional and believe that relationships and sex are building blocks to our lives no matter in what form they come. I have experience working with a variety of sexual and relational issues and have worked with people from varying backgrounds from BDSM to open marriage and struggling sexuality to fetishes.

Please note: I am NOT a surrogate partner (often incorrectly referred to as a “sex surrogate”), nor do I ever participate in any sexual or sensual activity with clients.  I am a psychotherapist specializing in sexuality and issues surrounding it via talk therapy only.  If you become my client, we will talk a whole lot about whatever it is that’s on your mind, but clothes remain on and hands to ourselves.  However, I am quite happy to point you in other directions if you’re looking for instruction or tactile experiences on your journey to sexual exploration.

I also work with people struggling with things such as grief, addiction, self-esteem, and body image.

If you are a person with a public persona and prefer increased privacy, please email me and we can discuss alternatives to an office visit.

Sometimes we need feedback, a sharp clinical mind, and someone who’s trained to help put the puzzle together, someone to help us heal and/or explore our own thoughts and feelings.  Sometimes we just need a little help so we can feel better.  I really want to be that person for you.

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